What is HIGHV?

HIGHV (pronounced “hive”) is a cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) platform that allows for monitoring, control and coordination of distributed energy resources (DERs) and loads in electricity networks.

HIGHV has been built to solve some of the key problems involved in delivering a smarter grid. It simplifies integration of DERs; the management of energy consumption; the creation and management of dynamic contracts between parties; the issues that arise from diverse asset ownership; and coordinates and schedules the behaviour of multiple actors in real-time based on local, regional and network information.

What are distributed energy resources (DERs)?

Distributed energy resources are grid-connected power generators or storage systems that are typically located close to where electricity is consumed. DERs include domestic and commercial discretionary loads, battery storage devices, solar PV, wind, backup generators and co-gen and tri-generation units.

Why is HIGHV important for electricity grids?

The global electricity industry will be required to support a much higher penetration of renewable energy in national electricity markets over the coming decades.

Today, parts of our grid infrastructure are experiencing stability issues once they reach beyond 30% penetration of renewables due to the intermittent nature of solar and wind generation. By harnessing smaller, more distributed energy technologies deployed at homes and businesses, utilities can spend less on traditional infrastructure and keep the electricity system working whilst supporting a mix of over 80% renewable energy on the grid.

The diverse nature of the technologies, suppliers and ownership of these distributed technologies makes the overall solution potentially quite complex. HIGHV sits in the middle and provides a common platform to simplify these communication and control issues.

What type of energy resources can be integrated?

HIGHV has a flexible model to represent and integrate different types of energy resources, both as monitoring-only sensors or as fully controllable assets. Resources that have been integrated already include air conditioning, chillers and freezers, water pumps, lighting, battery systems, diesel generators, wind generators, and a wide variety of industrial process machinery.

Essentially anything that can be metered can be integrated.

Who uses HIGHV? Is it production ready?

HIGHV has been in production with numerous electrical utilities since 2012 and is the underlying technology that supports the GreenSync product suite, encompassing PortfolioCM, MicroEM, PortfolioVPP and PeakResponse.

In which markets is HIGHV available today?

Through our existing products, HIGHV is being used by customers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. GreenSync is continually evaluating new markets and will be expanding into further markets.

GreenSync is currently interested in recruiting research institutions and commercial partners onto the platform. If you’re interested, please contact our sales team at sales@greensync.com.

How can I find out more about HIGHV?

Currently we’re working with universities and some partner organisations to try HIGHV in some new areas. However, we’d love to hear from companies and organisations interested in integrating HIGHV into their products or projects — we’ll be opening the platform up to more customers as the year progresses.

Please contact our sales team at sales@greensync.com for more information.